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The dictionary defines a “pal” as:

1. A very close, intimate friend; comrade; chum.

2. An accomplice.

Our Crutch Pal Accessories or arm rest covers will be that PAL for anyone, any age that is in the position of having to use crutches for any reason.

We know that no matter how “padded” the arm rest pads of a crutch, they can still be very uncomfortable. The chaffing and soreness they cause can be alleviated by using our Crutch Pals. Traditional armrest pads are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Our Animal covers help protect the user from these conditions. Our animal PALS also protect against cracked and worn underarm pads.

These Crutch accessories are the cutest, friendliest and warmest pals you could ever use.

  • They are fully adjustable to fit on crutches, both childrens and adult.

  • They are real attention getters.

  • They can be washed with a soapy sponge and air dried.

  • Youngsters fall in love with them.

  • Fun loving Adults have a ball with them.

Being on crutches might not be fun, but our Crutch Pals can make the time a little better and certainly more fun.

This decorative crutch armrest cover is designed to fit over all crutches. This crutch pad is the ideal crutch accessory.

Contact us for Wholesale opportunities/pricing! We sell to Medical Supply Retailers, Physical Therapy Facilities, Orthopedic Offices, Rehabilitation Facilities, Children’s Hospitals, Gymnastics Facilities, and Dance Studios.

Non Slip Crutch Tips sold here.

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