Our Story

Crutch Pals are born.

fordIt all started in 2005 when my daughters were playing with the family crutches. Just about every family has a pair of crutches laying around. My daughters are constantly balancing and playing with these crutches. Next thing I know, my one daughter puts my other daughters stuffed animal on top. It looked so adorable! Crutch Pals were born.

After developing the product for almost 2 years and moving slowly but surely, my mother decides to have some elective foot surgery. This is where Crutch Pals went full speed ahead.


Mom’s story

I’m grandmother. I’m using a laptop to write this story about Crutch Pals. The laptop is resting on my lap as my recliner is supporting my short-leg cast. I had foot surgery and have six weeks of non-weight bearing recovery. I’ve been using crutches to get around.

I knew my son has been working on Crutch Pals based on watching my grand daughters play with the crutches. Originally I planned to use the Crutch Pals whenever I went out of the house, but I soon discovered that they are not only attractive, adorable, and fun, but they are practical as well.

The hard rubber tops of crutches are not the most comfortable things to deal with. The Crutch Pals are soft, warm, non sticky, and prevent chafing. I just love using them. These Pals appeal to all ages, male and female. Here in Michigan the Lions are well loved as our NFL mascot.

I’ve gotten favorable reactions from everyone. Based on this immediate positive response, I immediately wanted to help. I am now running the day to day operations of Fun Pals LLC.

Our company is committed to bringing our pals to market for your enjoyment and comfort.

Your friends to lean on.

Expanding Markets

We put our Fun Pals on the desk length (12 inches or less) arm rests of wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Pals was born!

We put our Fun Pals on our office chair armrests.

Chair Pals was born!

Addendum to Our Story

Just as we got ready to go to market and our initial products were ordered from manufacturing and inventory was on its way. We discover that another person had thought a similar invention in 1992. While not exact, we felt it was close enough. Well, we were able to contact this inventor and we bought the patent. We are now proud owners of US Patent 5,078,640.

See we would NEVER try to sell these products illegally or unethically. We are now legal and ethical and the proud owners of our own destiny as we pursue bringing happiness to people that must use crutches.